International Youth Day Rugby

International Youth Day, and just like every day, we thank the youth of our community. They are the future.

The energy, laughter and endless smiles that youth bring to our community events is incredible and they are always ready to have fun and show us how talented they are.

At community rugby events or even weekly rugby training there is always a self-organised youth game. From watching their parents and family members play in the Tola Gallos team they have picked up new skills and new team mates.

have hosted numerous retreats here at Magnific Rock and always involve the youth in community yoga and performances. They never fail to amaze us at their desire to learn new skills and have fun while doing it. 

We continue to learn from the youth of today and admire their fresh, positive outlook. When was the last time you did handstands on the beach? Or laughed so hard you fell over? Why is it termed a bad thing to be ‘childish’? It seems pretty great to us even more on International Youth Day!


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