Nicaragua Yoga Retreat

Free Your Mind

Find peace of mind away from the noise of everyday life by enjoying a breathtaking stay beside the pacific ocean at Magnific Rock. With a beautiful serene studio, great teachers and a range of yoga class options, our Nicaragua Yoga retreats are perfect for anyone looking to leave feeling their very best.
  • An incredible Location for Yoga
  • 270-degree views of the Pacific Ocean
  • Stunning hotel rooms, just a short walk from the ocean
  • Packages or individual lessons available
  • Advanced booking highly advised
Nicaragua Yoga Retreat

Our Nicaragua Yoga Studio

Our Nicaragua Yoga retreat studio is not your average studio. It’s located on the top floor of Magnific Rock, with wide, breathtaking views of the Nicaraguan coastline. Taking a deep breath of the fresh ocean air gives you a deep feeling of peace, adding to the serenity of your yoga experience.
The polished wooden floor 920 square feet studio can accommodate 35 people for a yoga workshop. With large open windows, wall-size mirrors and equipped with yoga mats, straps, blocks and blankets.

Yoga Popoyo

The Best Yoga Retreat in Nicaragua

Imagine falling asleep to the sound of slowly crashing waves, after you’ve enjoyed a day of yoga lessons that unlocked new parts of your inner self. Perched atop a headland with 270-degree views of the Pacific Ocean, you’ll get the ultimate experience of relaxation. 

Join us for a one-on-one private session, a small group class, yoga retreat or fun acro-yoga session – we promise you’ll leave feeling, refreshed, relaxed and better than ever before.

More Than Just a Nicaragua Yoga Retreat

Located just a short walk from Beginner’s Bay, Magnific Rock gives you the chance to do more than just Yoga. Whether you’d like to enjoy the view with a drink, go horseback riding or try out our Nicaragua surf camp, there’s something for everyone.

Why a Nicaragua Yoga Retreat?

If you’re feeling physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually burnt out, we guarantee you’ll benefit from our Nicaragua yoga retreat. 

Our Nicaragua Yoga retreat gives you the time to take care of yourself. This is your chance to break free of old routines and the stress of ordinary life. It’s cleansing and revitalizing. 

As you let go of fear and step into the realm of new possibilities, you can invite change and renewed inspiration into your life. 

At our Nicaragua Yoga retreat, you get the gift of time amongst beauty. Here, nature is the ruler. The sound of the ocean and the calming wind provides our guests with the environment to flourish. 

Time for Self Care

These days, taking time out with oneself is rare. At our Nicaragua Yoga retreat, you’ll learn about the practice of mindfulness and the awareness of the present moment. 

It’s a remedy and often a transformative experience. Retreats allow you to go deeper into a space of self-reflection, to find the very essence of our true nature – pratyahara (freedom and joy). 

Finally, our Nicaragua yoga retreats give you the chance to meet new people, enjoy great food and drink, laugh, learn, take long walks amongst nature, swim in the crystal blue seas, go horseback riding, surf or.,. Just sit back and enjoy that unbeatable ocean view.

Book a Nicaragua Yoga Retreat at Magnific Rock

If you’re interested in booking a Nicaragua Yoga retreat at Magnific Rock, then contact us today. With some of the greatest yoga teachers on the planet, we host a number of incredible retreats year-round.

Please view our list of Upcoming Retreats to find the perfect retreat for you. Contact the retreat organizer directly to register, and email us if you’d like to add additional accommodation nights to your package. We look forward to having you down here soon!

Host a Yoga Retreat

Interested in hosting a yoga retreat or other event with us yourself? We’d love to have you! Contact us today so we can get started.

Our Nicaragua Yoga Studio Class Schedule

Our Nicaragua Yoga Studio

Join Our Global Yoga Journey – Classes and Workshops Updated Weekly! 

For the latest schedule, visit our Facebook page or call our reception at +505 8237 7417

We offer a range of Yoga styles, from hatha flow, vinyasa, fresh flow, yin, yoga for surfers and aerial yoga. Sign-up for a 10 class pass to make the most of your yoga experience.

  • Drop-in: US$10, US$9 for Magnific guests
  • 10 Class Pass: US$70

Check our Facebook page for weekly workshops.

Private Lessons

Book yourself a private Nicaragua yoga lesson and have one of our expert, certified instructors craft a class that meets your personal needs. Hone in on your specific goals and get personalized instructions based on your health, body type and lifestyle – at a time that suits you. You may also enquire about our aerial silks private lessons.

  • 1-hour private: USD$40
  • Private Group Lessons Available: USD$10 pp. (Minimum 4 People)
Yoga Place

The Benefits of Yoga


Physical Benefits

  • Create a toned, flexible and strong body.
  • Improved respiration, fitness and endurance.
  • Maintain a balanced metabolism and improve the function of internal organs.
  • Promote cardio and circulatory health.
  • Relieve Pain.
  • Look and feel years younger.

Mental Benefits

  • Move to a calmer, more serene state of mind.
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and tension.
  • Learn how to relax and handle anxiety or stress-inducing situations.
  • Learn how to quiet the mind so you gain control of your mind and body.
  • Invite positive thoughts, mindfulness, energy and self-acceptance.

The Spiritual Benefits

  • Build awareness of your body, your feelings and the world around you.
  • Gain interdependence between the mind, body and spirit.
  • Understand how to live the concept of ‘oneness’.
  • Connect with nature.
  • Revitalize, energy and break old patterns.
I offer an Intuitive Hatha Flow class that encourages you to explore what feels good to you in each moment of the practice. We use the breath and the asanas to connect deeper with ourselves, release tensions and relax into pleasure.

I have Kaula Tantra Yoga and Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainings in my portfolio, and I love to combine these styles. I had already practiced yoga for many years when I finally hit the switch from “performing” yoga to really starting to listen to my body and trusting that it knows what it needs, much thanks to Tantra.

I am from Sweden and have spent the last 4 years living and traveling in Central and South America. I did my teacher trainings in the crazy year of 2020 with Durga’s Tiger School of Tantra, Arts and Shamanism and OM Healing Center, both in Ecuador. I’ve shared my practice since then whenever opportunity has shown itself, mostly in Cuenca and in Ayampe (Ecuador).

Me and my partner are hoping to stay at least 3 months here in and around Popoyo, and enjoy the relaxed vibe, beautiful sunsets and surf! Maybe we’ll even settle down and make our dream about a tropical surf town home come true

Hata Flow- Tuesday 8am & Wednesday 5pm


In my path of self-knowledge I found the ancient and ancient legacy of the Andes as well as Yoga. After many personal processes and self-study that have not finished yet; For me it is a sacred honor that life gives me in this period of my life to share from my experience something that I live day by day and that helps me stay in my center, calm and serene whatever the surrounding circumstances are good or bad. bad. In this world of Sukha and Dukha (happiness and suffering) it is of vital importance to reconnect with that part of us that is closely connected with the Supreme Consciousness, only there we will find all our answers.

Yin & Restorative- Monday 5pm

Functional Yoga- Wednesday 8am

Hata Yoga- Thursday 8am


I am originally from San Diego, California.


At 23 years old I left the States for a never ending adventure! Throughout my decade of travels I worked, volunteered and attended many different courses on health, food, yoga, massage and sustainable living. I have worked on multiple organic farms and have immersed myself in a yoga mindset for months at a time. I have completed courses in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Vanuatu and Nicaragua. Because of my different modes of learning, I make each class different by combining my yoga knowledge and my cultural experiences. I teach Hatha, Vinyasa and Aerial yoga flows. My Style focuses deeply on body alignment, releasing tensions, mindfulness, stretching, breathwork and making sure each posture has a full journey in and out. My aim is to create a unique, fun and challenging class for every-body at all-levels. Each class is designed to leave each student feeling refreshed, open, cleansed and ready for the day! I don’t just teach a yoga class, I teach an entire mind and body experience.

Aerial Yoga- Thursday 5pm


 I Graduated from a two-year teacher’s degree (2016-2018) in Argentina in a method called Kaladanda, a fusion of the lineages of India and Tibet. they develop compassion and wisdom, two axes that together accelerate the process of total transformation of the being; from a contracted and suffering state, to the full bloom of being in its nature of joy, clarity and peace. Yoga works on all aspects or areas of being: in the body, in the mind, establishing bonds with the environment, improving interpersonal relationships and balancing energy. I certificate in Air fitness for aerial yoga and I’m living under the practice of a 7 years path on Tibetan Buddhist formation.


In my classes I bring Tibetan Buddhism philosophy, meditation techniques and cultivation of the virtues of the heart

Rise & Shine Flow-Monday 8am


A slower flow that will inspire you to move with intention and ease. This class unites body and breath by integrating conscious movement and rhythmic breathing, leaving you with a sense of freedom in the mind and body

Power Yoga- Saturday 8am


A fluid class that will inspire you to move through a balanced series of postures linking body to breath. Through this flow you’ll increase focus, strengthen, tone and build flexibility. All levels welcome

Surfers flow- Friday 5pm


We will move through a nice and smooth flow that targets the most sore muscles we use to surf such as shoulders, arms, hips & core, also releasing tension on your neck and spine leaving your body and mind spacious and ready for your next session! Whether you surf or not, the moves feel really good for everyone.

Vinyasa Flow- Sunday 8am


A more fluid and dynamic practice including sun salutations and nice flows. all levels welcome

Aerial Yoga- Tuesday 5pm

A combination of yoga and silks will make us create space in our bodies using this element that will help us strech, strengthen and release tension in a dynamic and fun serious of flying movements. all levels welcome