Restaurant and Bar

About Magnific Rock

Perched on a 30-metre cliff face, Magnific Rock offers guests an unparalleled experience, with a variety of accommodation options, beautiful restaurant and bar, yoga, surf activities and the best views. Escape the tourist saturated San Juan del Sur and find paradise at Magnific Rock. We offer guests the best possible service and amenities you need while maintaining a personal, fun vibe.

Nicaragua Surf Camp


Our resort offers accommodation suitable for that perfect getaway with all inclusive surf vacation packages, honeymoon escapes, as well as providing accommodation options including self-contained apartments and backpackers cabins for the thriftier lodger.

Magnific Rock offers guests the best possible service and amenities that would be expected from any luxurious beach resort while still keeping a personal, fun vibe. We have cultivated friendly, professional and helpful staff to ensure our guests feel welcome and comfortable.

  • Fully serviced onsite restaurant
  • Onsite bar with live music, DJs and latest sport event broadcasting
  • Swimming pool
  • Yoga studio with daily classes
  • Aerial silks
  • Surf boards & paddle boards for rent
  • Laundry service
  • Parking
  • Safe and secure
  • Outdoor shower
  • Kitchen facilities in apartments
  • Towels provided in all private rooms


We have a store filled with local Nicaraguan apparel, from locally made purses and jewellery to t-shirt, bikinis and shorts. Forget something? We have a range of essentials to keep you going.

A 20 minute walk from the hotel there is a small convenience market for a larger selection of daily essentials, snacks and supplies.


Today, the Magnific Rock team consists of approximately 50 staff. Led by 3 young Australians, Jackson, Amy and Chef Scott, the Magnific Rock team works together with the shared dream of creating a world-class space, combining entertainment and holiday fun with active, healthy lifestyle and integration with the local community.


The land on which Magnific Rock stands belongs to the Salinas de Nahualapa Indigenous Community. In the early 2000s, the Indigenous Community gave a lease to a Danish man to build a great, one-of-a-kind hotel on the spectacular headland.

However, construction was never completed, and the hotel never opened. Magnific Rock sat for 5 years, abandoned, regressing to nothing more than a shell of a building on a rock. There were no floors, no plumbing, no windows, no electricity. Many thought it was a lost cause.

At this time, Jackson and his father David took a trip to Nicaragua looking for land. Jackson had a dream of creating a surf, yoga and 

adventure creative paradise. A real estate agent took the two of them up to Magnific Rock, as it was a good vantage point to see another piece of property the agent was trying to sell. However, upon seeing Magnific Rock, and the incredible waves in front and surrounding it, Jackson and David knew they’d found the magical land they’d been looking for.

The Indigenous Community were very welcoming towards Jackson and David, and agreed to allow them to take over the lease. That marked the beginning of the Magnific Rock we know today – a growing business that is proud to be part of the Salinas de Nahualapa Indigenous Community.


Nicaragua enjoys an average temperature of 27°C (80°F) year round. Humidity averages 65%. There are two seasons, green and dry. The green season is from mid-May to mid-November, and the dry season from late-November to early-May. Rain during the green season is normally limited to short and powerful bursts, with longer showers at night. The hottest time of year is at the end of the dry season, from March to May, while the coolest period is from October to January.