Surfing Success: Celebrating Our All Inclusive Surf Package Clients This Month!

This last month at Magnific Rock has been another epic one! We had a bunch of awesome people come and enjoy our all inclusive surf package! February is considered to be the best time of year for beginners to come and learn to surf. With consistent, gentle waves and non stop sunshine…February is for the newbies. We had people from far and wide join us on the never ending adventure of learning to surf.

We had the pleasure of hosting our friend Gabrielle who flew in from Italy and caught the best waves of his life. He was already a solid surfer but wanted some help perfecting his turns. He also caught his first fish with us! After that we hosted the lovely family of our friend Mandy! They surfed everyday and took advantage of our cultural tour in the village of El Remate. They took a ride on the ox carts, made pottery, learned to cook traditional tortillas and had lunch with a local family! 

Our buddy Kurtis brought his friends down to surf with us and had an epic time in our Penthouse suite! We had potentially the most fun boat trip of the year with them! We scored an empty surf session at Lances Left and then we caught the elusive White Tuna while fishing! Our chefs cooked that Tuna up and gave us a special meal we wont forget. This group then left us to visit Isla Ometepe and Granada…and returned to us after for more surf! 

We also have to give a shoutout to our girl Jackie who came to visit from Philadelphia to have our surf package! Jackie had never been on a surfboard before in her life until she came to Magnific Rock! We specialize in mega beginners and Jackie knew she was in good hands. We surfed everyday, slowly making progress…learning something new everyday. Our video coaching sessions were the key to her success. By the end of the 5 days she was jumping off the boat at Lances Left and getting some long rides. We ended her trip with a hike up the Giants Foot to celebrate. 

This month we also received a shipment of new surfboards! We added 6 new Torq boards ranging from 8’ -9’1. We now have an epic 12 board quiver of Torq boards ranging from 6’8 – 9’1. We choose to use Torq’s because they are indestructible, affordable and they shred. My new favorite is the 9’1 noserider for those of you trying to work on cross stepping. 

One of the most important things to us besides surfing is fishing! This time of year is usually a bit rough offshore with the wind but we were able to have a couple epic fishing trips! Our most recent trip provided 20+ Jack Crevalles…all were monsters! We had a school of hundreds below the boat and even got to catch a few on topwater popper lures…which is the most exciting way to fish. Another fishing highlight was the catch of 3 White Tunas! They are a local favorite but rather elusive. The White Tuna is perfect sashimi and we enjoyed every bite!

As we come into March we are expecting the waves to start picking up! We’ll start to see some bigger swells hit our shores and that consistent offshore wind will be there all day, everyday. March water temps tend to be a little chillier than most people expect.This is due to a process called upwelling where the strong offshore winds blow the warm surface water out and the colder water at the bottom comes up. It’s time to bust out those wetsuit tops! 

If you’re interested in coming to join us send us a message! Whether you are a brand new beginner or an absolute ripper…we have you covered. Our all inclusive surf package is designed for beginners/intermediates to have everything one could ever need on a surf trip. For the more experienced surfers we offer customized all inclusive packages just for you and your group. Stay stoked!



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