If you’re looking for a Surfing Resort or Yoga Retreat near Remanso Beach in Nicaragua, look no further than Magnific Rock. We will custom tailor an unforgettable, all inclusive experience designed specifically for you.

What Makes Magnific Rock Near Remanso Beach the Perfect Option to Be Your Preferred Surf Camp?

Boasting over 20 world famous surf breaks all in the span of 30 miles of the Pacific Coast, our Surf Resort near Remanso Beach, Nicaragua is the absolute headquarters for surfers of all experience levels.

Located directly in front of our Nicaragua Surf Camp lies the World-renowned “Remanso Beach” offering a rolling slopey wave fun for beginners and intermediates.

If you’re looking for something a more hardcore, the infamous Popoyo Outer Reef is literally just a paddle away. These waves can reach sizes in excess of 20 feet! Not many dare to challenge this heavy hitting wave, but if you do, it is advised to wear a protective helmet and to be towed into the wave.

Popoyo is Nicaragua’s most consistent wave. Popoyo breaks from 2 feet to 20+ feet and at all tides on any given day. Nicaragua receives over 300 days a year of offshore winds, with the primary off season starting in October.

Remanso Beach is still definitely worth a look, but wouldn’t it be best to be centrally located right in the heart of the surf?

What Can Magnific Rock Provide That Other Surfing Camps Near Remanso Beach Might Not Be Able To?

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Magnific Rock Near Remanso Beach Is Your Premiere Location for a Yoga Retreat

Very few, if any, other Yoga Retreats near Remanso Beach can provide you with the accommodations that Magnific Rock can. We offer a truly incredible location for yoga boosting 270° views of the Pacific Ocean and some of the most beautiful sunsets that you will ever see.

What Makes Magnific Rock Near Remanso Beach the Perfect Option to Be the Location for your Next Yoga Retreat?

Our 920 square foot Yoga retreat studio close to Remanso Beach can accommodate 35 people for a yoga workshop. It comes equipped with large open windows, wall-size mirrors and yoga mats, straps, blocks and blankets.

If you’re looking for a more private retreat, we offer private lessons for all yoga styles, including but not limited to soft-flow, power, vinyasa and Anusara to AcroYoga and CircAsana.

What Can Magnific Rock Provide That Other Yoga Retreats Near Remanso Beach Might Not Be Able To?

More Than Just a Surfing Resort & Yoga Retreat

Aerial Silks and Aerial Yoga Close to Remanso Beach

Develop a strong core and overall body tone by learning the graceful combination of dance and athleticism while flying in the air from our aerial silks and hammocks. The variety of moves, deep stretches, drops, wraps, twists and turns are practically endless. No experience is required – you simply need a willingness to learn something new and have fun!

Horseback Riding Near Remanso Beach

With so many miles of beach stretching on either side of Magnific Rock, horse riding seems like the most appropriate way of viewing the coastline and seeing Remanso Beach’s landscape from a different perspective. For a romantic, honeymoon gallop or a fun paced stride with a group of friends, horse riding along Popoyo’s beaches is a definite highlight, and a must do whilst visiting the Nicaraguan Coast.

Massage and Spa Treatments by Remanso Beach

Select from our collection of massage treatments, designed to reduce tension, improve flexibility, soothe surfing and yogi muscles, and simply to relax and unwind. Our talented team of masseuses will have you feeling your best in no time. In-room and couples massages are also available.

Hot Springs Near Remanso Beach

These naturally heated pools of water are a great way to relax those worn out yoga and surf muscles! Frequented by tourists and locals alike, the Las Salinas Hot Springs provide a rejuvenating and therapeutic experience whilst giving you a glimpse into life in the village.

Sunset Happy Hour

We’re famous for an amazing view from our restaurant Magnific Rock Café, so don’t forget to book at least one sunset viewing. From 3pm-6pm, we have some great happy hour specials, so make the most of the sunset with a superb cocktail in hand.

If You’re Looking for the Best Surfing Camp or Yoga Retreat close to Remanso Beach, Look No Further Than Magnific Rock!

Check out our all inclusive Surf Packages or our all inclusive Yoga Package for some of the best deals in Nicaragua. Advanced booking is strongly advised, so don’t hesitate to book today!

Contact us with any questions or concerns and one of our representatives will be happy to help!

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