Surf Resort


Magnific Rock is truly committed to being a part of the Nicaraguan community, and is very proud to be involved in a number of exciting community development initiatives. Contact us if you’d like more information on how you can be involved too.


Bringing over 15 years of culinary experience in high-end restaurants to the challenge, Scott joined the Magnific Rock Café in the early days. He has since developed his team of locals from the nearby village (with no prior restaurant experience), into highly qualified gourmet chefs, capable of blowing minds with flavor.

Chef Trainning


Founded and sponsored by Magnific Rock, the Tola Rugby Club now has a number of rugby teams comprised of locals from around the area. They meet on a weekly basis for training, and travel the nationwide to compete with other Nicaraguan teams. Feel free to join one of their weekly training sessions, or come along and cheer at one of the matches!


Magnific Rock believes in contributing to education and opportunity within the local community. We work towards this goal through the following local community initiatives:

  • Scholarships for the local school students.
  • Funding for, and hosting of, community events (including the annual English singing competition and national school competitions).
  • Sponsorship of local surfers and surf contest.
  • Sponsorship of local English classes.
Education Community


Magnific Rock also hosts the CircAsana Community Circus from time to time. CircAsana invite performers staying with us, travelling through the area or living in Nicaragua to join the fun, as well as run classes at the local school to prepare performances for the show. Get involved! Perform with us, assist teaching a class at the local school or bring your best clapping and enjoy one of the performances.

Circasana Circus


Magnific Rock is also very proud to host a number of amazing non-profit organizations, which do great things within our community. For example, Surf For Life visits us a number of times a year, constructing new buildings for the community such as school classrooms and local medical center improvements.