Celebrating the Start of Surf Season at Magnific  Rock, Popoyo, Nicaragua 

As May rolls in, a sense of stoke fills the air at Magnific Rock. This  month marks the beginning of the big swell/rain season…a time  when the ocean comes alive with consistently solid swells and  shredders from around the world come to charge them. Prime  time swell season has arrived! 

The Transition: From Dry to Rainy Season

May is a transitional month in Popoyo, as we shift from the dry  season to the rainy season. The dry season is characterized by  smaller waves, ideal for beginner and intermediate surfers looking  to improve their skills. As the dry season winds down, we say  adios to those relentlessly strong offshore winds and welcome  gentle offshore breeze 

With the start of the rainy season, the surf scene transforms  dramatically. The waves grow larger and more powerful, attracting  surfers ready to score the best spots on the most epic days of the  year. Magnific Rock is situated in view of Popoyo, Outer Reef  Popoyo, and Playa Santana making it the perfect spot for  hardcore surfers. We are also directly located on Beginners  Bay…the only option for a novice surfer during a large swell. 

Beginner’s Bay: A Safe Haven During Big Swells

At Magnific Rock, we cater to surfers of all skill levels. For  beginner and intermediate surfers, we are blessed with  Beginner’s Bay—a perfect spot to catch waves even when the  swells grow larger. This unique spot allows intermediate/beginner  surfers the opportunity to surf even during the gnarliest of swells. 

Of course its more challenging to learn with larger waves but  that’s part of the fun! 

The Warm-Up: Winds, Water, and Wildlife

One of the most delightful changes with the onset of May is the  warming of both the ocean and the wind patterns. As the strong  offshore winds subside, the water temperature rises and the  locals ditch the spring suits. We typically still enjoy all day  offshore winds but at the speed of a gentle breeze making  conditions ideal.  

This seasonal shift also brings an exciting change in the fishing.  The warming waters attract a variety of fish species, including  Sailfish and Mahi Mahi, which venture closer to shore. Our boat  trips are poised to bring back fresh catches, providing our  restaurant with delicious Mahi Mahi for our guests to enjoy at  dinner—a true delight after a long boat day. 

Custom Surf Packages: Tailored to Your Adventure

At Magnific Rock, we understand that every surf trip is unique.  That’s why we offer custom packages tailored to your group’s  needs. Whether you’re an advanced surfer chasing the perfect  wave or an intermediate looking to elevate your skills in  Beginner’s Bay, we’ve got you covered. Our resort is the perfect  home base to experience all the best waves that the Popoyo area  has to offer.

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