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Magnific Yoga studio has had an extensive renovation and we are now open for classes with a new team of Yogi’s leading the way, who are excited to share their knowledge, experience and love of Yoga with you.

Magnific Rock is one of the top Nicaragua Yoga Retreats and Surf Camps, with breathtaking panoramic views across the Emerald Coast. Step into our special yoga space, where the heart of the ocean meets the soul of the sky. Feel serenity embodying you as you breathe deeply to the sound of the ocean, replenishing and rejuvenating your every cell.

Take an hour a day to do something that nourishes your mind, body and soul. Join us Monday to Friday at 9am for Magnific Yoga!



Miriam is a dedicated practitioner of yoga asana and meditation who believes strongly in the ancient sacred tradition of yoga. Miriam brings to her teaching a deep understanding of yoga as an ancient philosophical framework. She holds a degree in Yoga, History, Theory, and Philosophy from Naropa University and an additional 300 hours of meditation training. Through the powerful practices of yoga, Miriam aims to facilitate students in finding connection to their Peace within. Her offerings are from the heart and her mission is to share the profound healing powers of yoga. Her classes utilize traditional asana postures and pranayama techniques to guide students toward a deeper experience of inner listening, body awareness, and heart connection.

Miriam’s Yoga classes:
9am Monday and Wednesday

This class will be a combination of breath awareness meditation and traditional hatha asanas. We will take our time attending to the alignment of each posture and work toward safely, combining breath to movement. By flowing together and cultivating a connection to body and breath, I hope to leave students feeling strong in their bodies and connected to a calm center within.


Rebecca has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for over 20 years and a yoga teacher since 2011. She is passionate about sharing the healing powers of yoga which ultimately allow us to discover our inner peace and joy.

With a background in dance, Rebecca utilised the practice of yoga to assist her recovery from injuries during her dancing career and after experiencing the incredible benefits of yoga, she began her 360 hours, 1 year yoga teaching training in 2010. She is schooled in hatha, vinyasa, restorative, prenatal, postnatal yoga, meditation, pranayama and is a trauma conscious yoga teacher.

We all have the ability, within us, to live a happy, balanced life, physically, emotionally, metally and spiritually. Yoga is the gateway to a happier and healthier you.

Rebecca’s Yoga Classes:
9am Tuesdays and Thursdays

Rebecca combines her love of dance and yoga to offer a flowing hatha yoga practice with ease and grace. She focuses on breath awareness and connected breath and body movement, pranayama, correct asana alignment, mobilising and circulating the joints, strengthening the body and deep stretches to provide a complete body and mind release.


Magnific Yoga at Magnific Rock Nicaragua Yoga Retreat

Hi everyone,

My name is Vibe, I was born in Denmark and I’ve been traveling and living in Central America the last year. I’ve been practicing yoga physically, mentally and spiritually for more than 10 years. I trained at Nexus Yoga Institute and Wellness Center in Nosara, Costa Rica, where I gained my 200 hours, YTT certified.

My main yoga teaching styles are vinyasa, vinyasa krama, slow flow, yoga for surfers, yin, hatha and meditation. In my own practice I love fast paced vinyasa flows, vinyasa krama and ashtanga.

Vibe’s Classes
9am Fridays

My classes tend to encourage playfulness, connecting with your inner child, and allowing yourself to enjoy the present moment. It fills my heart with joy when I see and/or hear practitioners challenge themselves, laugh it out if it doesn’t work and cheer when they do succeed.

I strongly believe that yoga is meant to feel good. All bodies are different and therefore all practices are unique. In my classes I always intend to create a space for practitioners to listen, connect and honor their bodies. abilities and limitations. We are all imperfectly perfect, perfectly imperfect.


We all look forward to you joining us in the Magnific Yoga Studio. Please contact Rebecca at: +505 84470406 if you have any questions or you wish to reserve your place for class. Stay tuned; Magnific Rock Yoga workshops and retreats coming soon.

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