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Wedding Love is in the Air

It was an absolute pleasure to host Grace and Rob's stunning wedding at Magnific Rock in April.  With a bit of faith, trust and pixie dust, our team made this event simply magical for the beautiful couple and their families.

Grace and Rob holidayed with us a few years prior, and had fallen in love with the beauty of the area, just like us!  They wanted to share the experience they'd had with their family, so brought them all down to Magnific Rock for a long weekend of beach relaxation, adventure and one spectacularly stunning ceremony of true love. 

With Grace and Rob's creative vision, and our team on the ground, we managed to create an event we were really proud of.  From the party bus arrival, to the restaurant transformation, intimate beach ceremony with live music, gourmet buffet dinner to dream of (thank you Chef Scotty and his team!), and one amazing party (with the very entertaining La Furgoneta Giganta band) in our Rock Bottom Bar afterwards, we all enjoyed the experience!

Our team took the challenge of creating the event very seriously.  The evening before the big event, Luis, one of our superstar bar staff announced, "Oh I feel so nervous - I feel like I'm getting married!"  After the event, he followed up saying he could finally relax, knowing the team really had done their best and the guests were smiling.

Thanks for coming Grace and Rob, and introducing us to your beautiful families.  We wish you all the very best for your future, and look forward to having you down here again at some stage.

Thank you @seaturkeyphotos for the photos below, and to Kuba Okon for the great photos he took which you can check out at this link!