Magnific Rock Community Foundation

Magnific Rock has always had a strong connection with the surrounding community and actively organised and promoted a number of community projects. Not only do we want to support our surrounding area, but also allow guests to experience the true beauty of it by meeting and working with its residents.

We have now made it official with the Magnific Rock Community Foundation. This will focus on supporting five key areas; Education, Sports, Health, Environmental efforts and Arts and Culture throughout the Indigenous Community Salinas de Nahualapa. Follow us on Facebook to hear all about it:


High-up on the agenda are the needs of the local schools. For the past few months the schools have not been receiving their normal state allocated lunch supplies. Simple rice and beans that the student’s parents take turns cooking at their homes and bring in to the schools the following day. Something so simple that has a massive impact on the daily lives of over 1000 students in the area.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 to provide 9 local schools with supplies for lunches for 1180 students for 3 months. This means that with a donation of just $17 you can feed a student for that entire time. 

We hope that within 3 months things will be resolved and supplies will again be provided to the schools through the state program.

If you would like to help please go to our GoFundMe page below:

Amy Rowland