While watching the current rugby test matches we are looking back at the awesome time we had in May when Canada's Rugby Howlers came to visit.

A massive thank you to the Howlers team for bringing a great standard of rugby, and a super generous amount of gifts and donations for the local community. Over 400 pairs of rugby boots were distributed to different clubs in the country. Also; clothes, school supplies, medical supplies and much more was given to the local clinics, schools and families. 

It was a non-stop week of working with the community and fitting in rugby every other minute. Both the Howlers men's and women's teams narrowly came out on top against our local Tola Gallos as well as some other teams in the country. Our local teams stepped up to the challenge and are now busy training to re-gain victory during the Howlers next visit. 

Howlers - You have huge hearts and us here at Magnific Rock and the surrounding community were so happy to have you, and can't wait to welcome you next time!

Amy Rowland