Another wonderful year working in partnership with Surf For Life, newly named Hope Corps. Hope Corps has made incredible progress developing various projects with our local Nicaraguan community. Having previously worked within the local health clinic this year's volunteers renovated classrooms in our local Las Salinas School.

The much needed renovation turned the classrooms into mint condition and the kids passion for music was fuelled with new musical instruments brought to the school.

Week One saw the help from our Clif Bar team (a good food energy bar company that believes that great food leads to better adventures :) ) A team of pro surfers, snowboarders and videographers smashed through 1 foot thick walls and began the arduous sanding journey.

Group 2 arrived to an incredible school reception ranging from the children singing Celion Dione to a reggatone dance-off where all workers where invited to come up and show off there moves. The whole came to see the team produce some fantastic shapes). Group 2 then continued the sanding experience and after 2 interior rooms and the whole exterior of the building the team had triumphed. The occasion musical jam on old instruments and various team riddles made the work a team bonding experience.

Our final group, got stuck into painting and bricklaying. Some individuals showed some true natural talent in there ability to adapt to the new job role, others failed misrable. However, after 4 days of hard work, sweat and laughter we where done. A 3 week effort of work complete.

The money raised by each of the Hope Corp volunteers and Magnific Rock went into the building materials, local team leaders (who where all incredible) and most improtantly, new equipment for the children. The equipment arrived on the final days of work and the team where blessed by an incredible marching band performance. The children where humble and appreciative and we where humbled by there passion and gratefullness. A little help from us certainly went a long way for Las Salinas School. It is safe to say that everyone left inspired and ready to give back to the next community.

Amy Rowland