Guided Good

We were blessed to spend a week with the wonderful non-profit organisation, Guided Good. Guided Good's mission is to empower at-risk young adults exiting the foster care system to serve an international community in need. During their time at Magnific Rock the Guided Good team immersed themselves in the diverse Nicaraguan culture. Many of the team had never left the United States before endeavouring on this trip so it was an eye-opening cultural and personal challenge for many.

From day one the team rose and challenged themselves. After arriving at thier first computer technology session at the local Las Salinas school, Guided Good were welcome whole-heartedly by 30 young Nicaraguan children. There was one spanish speaker in the group who dug deep to their family roots and oiled their rusty spanish abilities whilst the others improvised with gestures and laughs.

The next few days at the school where a tremendous success and the team made a lasting impression on the children. The children left with new found knowledge and understanding of microsoft word, how to send emails and the use of google search.

Outside of the school the team discovered many other cultural delights. From learning how to milk a cow, going for a ride in an ox cart and overcoming a fear of heights. The team supported each other through each of these challenges and rose together. The group left with an appreciation for cross cultural differences and the exciting adventures there are to experience around the world in the future.

Amy Rowland